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Print Advertising
Get real, long-lasting results with a custom print campaign.
Print Advertising

Having a digital presence is critical, but print remains an integral part of every marketing strategy. The reason? Print and digital go hand-in-hand when it comes to building brand awareness. The right combination of digital and print ensures your message is seen in every medium—meaning, the more tactile decision-makers will not be left out. From business reports and trade journals, print products are widely believed to have more longevity than their digital counterparts. Additionally, they tend to be circulated internally, increasing an ad’s reach. Some studies have shown that advertisements in print resonate better with readers and build trust over the long-term.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible ad sizes are available to accommodate every budget 

  • A custom message in print has greater longevity 

  • Synergy with a digital campaign increases brand awareness

  • Print products are typically shared among colleagues, increasing reach

  • Magazine ads are known to drive action and build trust  

Print advertising services:

  • Copywriting and design  

  • Execution of advertising sales

  • Advertising placement

  • Production of creative materials and ad delivery

  • Distribution

For More Information, Please Contact:

Sean Foley,

Director & Group Publisher

(416)-512-8186, Ext. 225

Sean Foley,  Director & Group Publisher, REMI Network
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