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Programmatic Advertising
Connect your business with a targetted web audience.
Programmatic Advertising

Research shows there is a causal and sequential relationship between brand awareness, targeted traffic, lead generation, sales team follow-up and customer acquisition. With a customized programmatic and behavioural-targeting campaign that uses keywords and algorithms to capture the right audience, our experts will build a custom solution that elevates your company’s online brand affinity, while driving quality traffic to your website.

Key benefits:

  • Programmatic advertising drives interested prospects to the right place - your website 

  • Geo-targeting produces quality leads and delivers real results

  • Analytics reports provide real-time data and insight 

  • Campaigns are flexible and can be changed at any time to maximize results

  • Complimentary consultations are available 


Keyword Search Targeting

Target prospects with display ads based on the real time search data online.


Contextual targeting. It targets new customers by showing them ads that resonate with the content they are already consuming.


Retarget prospects that have visited your site and left without converting or taking any action. Research shows that 2nd time site visitors are 4 times more likely to interact with you.

CRM Targeting

Targeting users with 1st party data like email IDs, first name, last names etc.


Target specific buildings, client offices or industry conferences. Target events that you are unable to attend in person!

Smart Channel

Target users from our proprietary audience lists.

Geo-Fence Finder

Target potential audiences from our localized targeting such as shopping malls, hospitals, etc. There are more than 200 categories to choose from!

For More Information, Please Contact:

Sean Foley,

Director & Group Publisher

(416)-512-8186, Ext. 225

Sean Foley,  Director & Group Publisher, REMI Network
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