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Social Media Management
Build your online presence and reap the rewards.
Social Media Management

Every industry is unique, and so are the social media channels businesses today are required to manage. Whether you’re looking to build an online community across all your social platforms or simply enhance your presence in one area, we can help you achieve your goals. We’ll identify which channels will work best for you, where the influencers are on those channels, and develop a content strategy to attract followers and expand your network.

Key benefits:

  • An active social media presence builds brand awareness 

  • Quality posts and regular interaction shows a commitment to your customers

  • Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are great vehicles for sharing news and successes

  • A balanced campaign reaches a variety of professionals and decision-makers

  • Existing content can be refreshed, reissued, and maximized at no additional cost

Social media management services:

  • Account(s) assessment

  • Profile setup

  • Regular posting schedule

  • Performance monitoring reporting

  • Content generation and strategy

For More Information, Please Contact:

Sean Foley,

Director & Group Publisher

(416)-512-8186, Ext. 225

Sean Foley,  Director & Group Publisher, REMI Network
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